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Expert Care at Greenway Chiropractic

Two Chiropractors Offer Relief and Wellness

The one thing Greenway Chiropractic patients say sets us apart is our effectiveness. Since our goals are to help patients find relief quickly, recover fully, and move on to a healthy future, that’s a wonderful compliment! Beaverton chiropractor Dr. Scott Richman specializes in providing effective relief when you are in acute pain and expert treatment throughout your recovery process.

We know that first and foremost, that’s what you are concerned about in the initial days and weeks after an accident or injury. What about once you begin to feel a bit better? That’s when having an expert who has “seen it all” standing beside you is critical.

Helping You Navigate Through Recovery

Aside from expert chiropractic care, two things will help ease the burden you feel during this
tumultuous time — feeling that you understand what’s going on with your body and your
health, and being confident that financial matters are not going to surprise you or
become overwhelming.

We have built a family of patients on our thoughtful and heartfelt ability to convey complex
information about injuries and conditions in a way they can understand. You won’t leave
our office feeling that you don’t know what’s coming next or that you can’t imagine
when or how you might recover.

Our expert staff has a reputation for providing accurate insight into insurance coverage.
If you have questions about what will be covered — whether it’s health insurance,
worker’s comp, or any other type of policy — we can help you determine exactly
what will and will not be paid.

Find relief today, and rest in knowing you’re well-informed.

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