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Our Chiropractic Techniques

Diversified Technique and Activator® Methods

Dr. Richman‘s primary preferred adjusting method is Diversified for most cases, and using an Activator to achieve specific benefits.

Diversified adjusting is the most common choice of chiropractors. This osseous adjusting technique is often gentle, can be performed using our hands or can combine the gentle specificity of the Activator® tool. We are trained to be able to use the best adjustment for each patient’s health.

The Activator® Method utilizes a small tool to provide very specific adjustments. We incorporate this method, as needed, when a backup to Gonstead or Diversified adjusting is required or preferred. Some patients respond better to Activator® adjusting, or simply prefer it.

Our Overall Approach

Next to helping patients feel better fast, our highest motivation is to help patients truly understand what they are experiencing and how their recovery will likely unfold as a result. We believe that an engaged patient is more invested in their recovery, and will therefore recover more quickly and more fully.

Your visits will likely include questions from your Dr. about the types and magnitude of pain you feel. He’ll provide explanations of how certain muscular pain or joint pain may be related to inflammation, lack of mobility and other discomforts. Awareness about your body will help you to relay your progress and needs to us on your next visit, which helps us to move you more quickly to full recovery.

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