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Many people believe that chiropractors treat back pain after trauma. Here at Greenway Chiropractic, we do more than just treat patients for back pain because chiropractic care provides a wide range of health benefits. Another common misconception is that chiropractic adjustments are for people of a specific age group. At our Beaverton Chiropractic office we treat patients of all ages.

We can help people of all ages here in our Beaverton Chiropractic office

Chiropractic can help just about anyone, regardless of their age.

Auto Accidents:

Following an auto accident many people tend to minimize their injuries, because there may be little or no damage to their car. A visit to the emergency room usually results in either a “clean bill of health” if no bones are broken, or a prescription to control pain and muscle spasms. Those who delay seeking appropriate care often discover that scar tissue and long-standing spinal instability increases the recovery period. Chiropractic offers a drug free solution that includes adjustments to address the changes in spinal biomechanics, and rehabilitation for soft tissue injuries.

Back Pain:

Back Pain has three common causes:

  • 1. The nerve-rich facet joints on the back side of each spinal bone are a common cause of back pain. The pain can be a sign these interlocking “fingers” aren’t moving right.
  • 2. Inflammation is a common irritation to nerves.
  • 3. The discs between spinal bones can be involved, too. Trauma can cause the soft, pulpy material in the middle to bulge, putting pressure on nearby nerves.

Specific chiropractic adjustments help to restore spinal joint motion; decrease inflammation’ increase circulation; and repair of disc, ligaments, and muscles. By restoring the way your spine works, pain can ease and better stability can return.

Children :

Chiropractic care can also help a wide variety of “childhood” illnesses. Human bodies have an incredible capacity to fight infection that is compromised by nerve disturbances.

Asthma research suggests a link between the spinal column, the nervous system and the respiratory system. Reducing vertebral subluxation complexes in the spine with chiropractic care may help restore proper nervous system control of the lungs and improved function can begin. In fact, research published in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research documented the results experienced by 81 children with asthma who received chiropractic care. The two-month study revealed that those under care saw a 45% decrease in the number of “attacks” and that 31% of the subjects voluntarily chose to decrease their medication.

Bedwetting is common in children up to age five that have poor bladder control at night. But after that, the inability to stay dry at night may be a sign of an underlying problem. During the early years of life, the sacrum has five separate segments. Later, they fuse together to form the triangular-shaped bone that adults have at the base of the spine. If these segments misalign (falling, learning to walk, ride a bike, etc.) they may compromise nerves that are responsible for bladder function. Countless children have been helped with safe and natural chiropractic care.

Ear infections are often cause by nerve disturbances that may make the ears prone to infection. Our focus is on the integrity of the nervous system. We complete a thorough examination to locate, and adjustments to reduce, nerve disturbances that may make the ears prone to infection.


Headaches are common, but they’re not normal. Some patients are surprised to learn that their headaches are being caused by problems in their back. The upper spine compensates, shifting the head off center, causing headaches. Pain relievers of various types are the most common approach to headaches. In our practice we take a more natural approach by finding an underlying cause of a headache with major to complete relief in a high percentage of cases.

Neck Pain:

Your neck and shoulders work hard. Even the smallest deviation in the relationships of the seven bones of your cervical spine (neck) can cause pain and reduced head and neck mobility. At Greenway Chiropractic Clinic we specialize in reducing interference to the nervous system in the neck. Many of our patients find that chiropractic care gives them relief from both minor and major neck and shoulder complaints.


Like dental cavities, high blood pressure or heart disease, vertebral subluxation complexes may exist without obvious symptoms. Therefore even if you feel good, your chiropractic care should not be based on whether you have pain or other symptoms. How well our body functions is largely based upon the integrity of our nervous system. Regular chiropractic adjustments help to ensure that every organ and tissue has an uninterrupted nerve supply from the brain which controls and coordinates organ function.

True health is optimum physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Drinking more water, eating nutritious foods, regular exercise, meditation, counseling, and virtually every other healthy habit produces even bigger dividends when you have a properly working nervous system. That is why Greenway Chiropractic offers a special wellness plan for patients that desire regular care.

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