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Auto Accident Care in Beaverton

Why See a Chiropractor?

Auto accident treatment is our specialty!

Auto accident treatment is our specialty!

Chiropractors are the best equipped providers to deal with the unique issues your body is experiencing in the wake of an auto accident or other traumatic injury. We’re good at it, and it’s our specialty!

Caring for patients systematically as one recovers from injury is one of the places chiropractors perform best. Other methods for pain relief, such as pharmaceutical drugs, manage your pain while you hope your body takes care of the real issues that are causing pain. Chiropractic addresses the root issues that will ensure you don’t continue to suffer or possibly get worse. It also brings relief from pain too!

What Happens in an Auto Accident?

The jolting force your body experiences during a collision can severely damage ligaments and joints. This damage itself can be painful enough, but if not corrected, it can lead to misalignments in the spine called subluxations. Over time, subluxations cause degeneration in your spine and can lead to health problems that expand well beyond your spine.

Sometimes the force of an auto collision adds to a problem already existing in the body. This can cause conditions you already know about to get worse, or cause issues you weren’t yet aware of to be brought to light.

A chiropractic examination will evaluate whether or not your accident has caused or exacerbated subluxations in your spine. If that process has been initiated by that jolt, it needs to be addressed now, not later. With each week that passes after a traumatic injury, scar tissue develops which can make conditions take longer and require more extensive therapies and modalities in order to heal.

Will This Be Covered?

In Oregon, we’re not aware of any limits to the length of time after an accident or injury that you can seek chiropractic care. Although it’s best to seek care immediately so that scar tissue and subluxation degeneration have not taken hold, this is a case where it’s better late than never!

Of course, in most accidents some sort of insurance will cover your care. Each insurance company and policy may have different criteria and limits than the state or than the health care providers you choose to see. At Greenway Chiropractic our staff has an expert ability to provide sound guidance on what your insurance will and will not cover. Call us with your questions!

Do you believe the pain you are feeling now is related to an accident that you didn’t previously seek care for? It’s quite possible that’s true! Commonly patients have no symptoms initially, but later the condition which was lurking quietly is aggravated by something and begins to cause pain and other problems.

We can help determine if your pain is related to your accident. If it is, the insurance companies that are responsible to pay in your accident case will be responsible for treatment of this newly felt issue.

Still have questions about auto accident care? Call Greenway Chiropractic Clinic today!

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